Concerning About Our Forum

Forum is suspended. They say my forum use high bandwith of their server and then they ask me to upgrade to premium. If No There's no way i can get that back.
What should I Do Next?
After seeing the few month, so far my forum is suck, always redirected to unknown web if much people acces that. and the support system is really bad too. They suspended my account without any warning. So i made a decission to leave it. just leave it. Any old release will be moved here. Just give me some time.
And about the forum, i'll be made one. at last just like redhawk. So far RH don't have any problem so i choose that. Sorry for anything bad happen. Forum will be up before the next psyren.

And all my member, don't be shy, add my Yahoo messenger, so we can talk. hitsugaara_04. and for you, add some comments.^^

See ya.


Red | March 19, 2009 at 10:58 AM

LoL good luck then

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